What’s New at PowerUP?

Every year at PowerUP we introduce new courses, competitions, interactive ways to learn,
and more ways to win prizes! Below you will find some of our favorite new items and content.

PowerUp • November 10-12 • Denver, CO

Insight Booths

Back by popular demand, Insight Booths provide a personalized look into some of the Alarm.com tools that can help to take your business to the next level. Choose from four unique experiences; Alarm.com for Business, Alarm.com Video, Partner Tools, and Ask the Expert. Each booth is designed to deepen your knowledge on the Alarm.com offering to help your business grow or become more efficient. When you register onsite for a 30-minute booth session, you will receive face time with one of our experienced staff members who will walk you through these powerful tools and ensure you have the resources to own your success. You may bring up to 4 colleagues to join you in these sessions!

Escape Room

Want to test your knowledge while competing against your fellow Alarm.comers? Try out our brand new PowerUP Escape Room!

The PowerUP Escape Room presents you and three peers the opportunity to try to break out from our heavily secured PowerUP classroom. With your peers, you will work against the clock to solve the clues that provide you with the key to finally make it out!

Participants will use their knowledge of the Alarm.com offering to install, troubleshoot, and solve real world challenges experienced in the field to complete this session. Once you arrive on-site head on over to the Energize Room and register for a 30 minute slot to take your chances, if you dare.

Academy Help Desk

How do you maintain your learning after leaving PowerUP? Interested in becoming Alarm.com certified? Want to learn how to leverage Alarm.com Training materials in your own company?

Stop by our Academy Help Desk in the Energize room where a training expert can help with any questions about the PowerUP conference and provide you with insight into how to keep your learning alive once you leave!


What would PowerUP be without new games to help you win prizes! This year we will be introducing new competitions that allow you to compete against your fellow attendees to hold the honor of PowerUP Champion. Stay tuned for more information!

New Courses

Based on the feedback we’ve received from previous attendees and to provide new experiences for our repeat learners, we’ve added these new classes to equip your arsenal with more knowledge on Alarm.com and it’s offering!

Assess Knowledge & Identify Training Needs + -

Successful training programs are built on a foundation of data and evaluation. Proactively identifying and assessing knowledge gaps is critical for the success of your team. This class will explore how Alarm.com’s data can help you build your training strategy, as well as, provide insightful best practices for training adults.

Learn how to:

  • Determine your team’s knowledge and skill gaps
  • Identify key trends to create custom & tailored training for employees
  • Use Adult Learning Theory to build impactful training programs
  • Leverage Alarm.com’s Business Intelligence Tools for training and coaching
Developing & Executing a Training Strategy + -

Building effective training programs help increase your team’s growth, engagement, and knowledge. Take advantage of Alarm.com’s resources available through Alarm.com’s Partner Portal to train, coach, and develop your employees.

Learn how to:

  • Develop effective training materials for individual audiences
  • Deliver and facilitate high quality training courses for your team
  • Navigate the Alarm.com Knowledge Base for installation, troubleshooting, and training support
  • Maximize Alarm.com’s award winning training resources to increase learning and engagement amongst your company
SEM Troubleshooting + -

The Alarm.com SEM Troubleshooting course will teach you how to tackle common obstacles found in the field.  

Learn how to:

  • Follow the SWIM and WIN troubleshooting steps
  • Identify key programming settings not properly configured during installation
  • Verify the SEM keypad address is enabled properly for the SEM’s dipswitches
  • Execute remote commands to avoid truck rolls
Enterprise Management Configuration + -

Enterprise location management (ELM) streamlines control over multiple locations, making complex tasks simple. This course takes you step-by-step through the setup and management enterprise groups, users, and access control for your small to medium sized business customers.

Learn how to:  

  • Add and remove locations to an enterprise group
  • Manage users across multiple locations
  • Identify unusual activity at individual locations
  • Configure business hours, thermostat schedules, and business specific notifications
  • Subscribe to reports such as Location Summary, Sensor Activity, and Arming/Disarming

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